Double Major

Industrial Design Department Double Major Program is a program open to undergraduate students who are enrolled in one of the undergraduate programs at our institute and meet the application requirements. The aim of the program is to ensure that students who successfully complete their undergraduate programs in their own departments also study to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a second branch. The student who is eligible to graduate from his/her department and completes the double major program with a GPA of at least 2.50 is awarded an Industrial Design second major undergraduate diploma.

Students can apply to the announced double major program at the beginning of the 3rd semester of their undergraduate program at the earliest and at the beginning of the 5th semester at the latest. Application to the program can only be made at the beginning of the fall semester. The program quota is determined as 1 student per semester. In order for the student to apply for a double major program:

He/she must successfully complete all courses in the education plan by the semester he/she applies for.
At the time of application, the GPA in the major program must be at least 3.00 and must be in the top 20% of the relevant class of the major diploma program in terms of success ranking.
Applications are made to the Registrar’s Office, along with a petition and transcript, on the dates specified in the academic calendar.

Please review the Adjustment Form for equivalent courses and required courses.

For detailed information, please click on the Industrial Design Minor and Double Major Programs Directive.

Click here for the Industrial Design Double Major Program Adjustment Form.