Industrial Design Minor Program(s) are program(s) that can be attended by students who have successfully completed their education in other undergraduate programs of our institute, are interested in industrial design and want to improve themselves in this direction.

Students can apply to the announced minor program at the beginning of the 3rd semester of their undergraduate program at the earliest and at the beginning of the 5th semester at the latest. Application to the program can only be made at the beginning of the fall semester. The program quota is determined as 1 student per semester. To apply for a minor program:

It is expected that all credit courses in the education plan will be successfully completed by the semester in which the application will be made.
The overall grade point average in the major program followed at the time of application must be at least 2.50.
Applications are made to the Registrar’s Office with a petition and transcript on the dates specified in the academic calendar.

Students must take a total of 18 credits of courses (4 compulsory, 2 elective) from the minor program. The student who is eligible to graduate from his/her department and completes the minor program with a GPA of at least 2.00 is given a “Minor Certificate” in the field of Industrial Design. This certificate does not replace a diploma.

Courses to be taken in the Industrial Design Minor Program:

ID 114 Zorunlu Endüstriyel Tasarım Tarihi ve Teorisi I

Industrial Design History and Theory I

(3+0) 3 5 2
ID 215 Zorunlu Endüstriyel Tasarım Tarihi ve Teorisi II

Industrial Design History and Theory II

(3+0) 3 5 3
MSE 105 Zorunlu Tasarım Malzemeleri

Materials in Design

(3+0) 3 5 4
ME 323 Zorunlu Üretim Yöntemleri

Manufacturing Processes

(3+0) 3 5 5
ID 314 Zorunlu Tasarım Yönetimine Giriş

Introduction to Design Management

(3+0) 3 5 6
* Seçmeli Seçmeli Ders

Elective Courses

(3+0) 3 5

* This program is prepared for students of the Faculty of Architecture. Program content may vary for candidates studying at different faculties.

For detailed information, please click on the Industrial Design Minor and Double Major Programs Directive.

Click here for the Industrial Design Minor Program adjustment form.