NOSYON Design&Innovation

Nosyon Design & Innovation is a company operating within Teknopark Izmir and carries out pioneering work in the field of industrial design. The company offers valuable internship opportunities, especially for students of the industrial design department. These internship programs not only offer students the opportunity to experience current practices in the industry, but also provide a platform for them to improve themselves and increase their professional skills. At the same time, the company’s innovative approach and experience in the sector enable students to apply their academic knowledge in practice and take an important step in their careers in the field of industrial design. This collaboration adds value to the sector by providing significant gains to both Nosyon Design & Innovation and industrial design students.

Areas of Expertise: Industrial Design, Design Management, Innovation Management, Product Development, Ergonomics, User Experience, Product Design, Interior Architecture, Prototyping

Founder: Yankı GÖKTEPE
Instagram: @nosyon_official
Address: Izmir Technology Development Zone Teknopark Izmir A1 Building No:1 / 17 / 47 Iyte Campus 35430 Urla, Izmir / Turkey