TORF Design Lab

TORF Design Lab is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy firm operating in Teknopark Izmir. Industrial Designer Lecturer. See. Canberk Yurt and Architect Res. See. Gönenç Kurpınar, Res. See. It was established in partnership with Yeliz Kurpınar. Aiming to add value to the innovation processes of the industry and various sectors with the services it provides, TORF Design Lab positions itself as a research and development laboratory that directs the design process with its scientific infrastructure and turns the power of its academic infrastructure into an advantage. In this axis, it offers design services in a wide range of areas, from brand/corporate identity design to visual communication design, industrial product design, service/system design, interaction design, and spatial/urban design.

In addition, TORF Design Lab produces software for the representation and interactive experience processes of spaces and products with VR gamification technology, in parallel with the work area of the ArchGame project, which was accepted to Teknopark Izmir and whose R&D continues.

Official: Canberk Yurt
Instagram: @torfdesignlab
Address: Teknopark İzmir A8 Building No:1/45/21 Urla, İzmir