ID 202 Industrial Design Studio II course was deemed worthy of the 2022 Best Course Design Award.

One more award! But this time an academic one! One of the best course design award goes to our head of department Assoc. Prof. Nilüfer Talu. The winners of the very first Iztech Course Design Award which was held by Iztech was announced at graduation ceremony on 1st of July. ID202 Industrial Design Studio II which is lectured by Assoc. Prof. Nilüfer Talu and research assistants; Ceyda Çolak, Ayça Büyükçınar and Canberk Yurt  is awarded as the second best designed course. The certificate has been introduced by our rector and our vice rector Gamze Tanoğlu responsible from education. First, we are thankful to our rector and the other valuable members of the administration, the jury members, who appreciated our efforts. Then, we want to express our gratitude to Vestel (Murat Hondu and Merve Nur Sökmen), Cemer (Fuat eroğlu, Zafer Sayın and Ezgi Yelekoğlu Baylan ), Mutlu Metal  as the sector partners for their technical support. Also, we want to thank the dearest professors of Iztech Computer Eng. Cüneyt Bazlamacı , Nesli Erdoğmuş, Berat Alper Erol for their collaboration. Thanks to iztech fablab for providing digital fabrication tools and technical expertise. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Iztech Animals Iztech Toys project, by sharing photos and videos. Finally, we want to thank our dear students, who make this course unforgettable for us.