Izmir Institute of Technology Industrial Design Department was established in 1994 within the faculty of architecture. Since 1994, the department has been providing graduate education; since 2019 the department has offered undergraduate education. The department is the only government school offering industrial design education in the Aegean Region of Türkiye. The department has been sustained aiming at technological developments and newnesses within the interdisciplinary contexts and approaches.

Similar to the best schools around the world, graduate and undergraduate education programs are structured, putting emphasis on the cultural, technological, sociological dimensions of industrial design. In the education program, the bridge between theory and practice is constructed with contemporary issues such as integration, collaboration, and cooperation on daily life concept. Sustainability, inclusive design, emotional design, and design ethics are the major issues of education and research contexts of the department. In relevance of this context, the department aims to contribute to design culture and also examine the role of industrial design as healing the society and the culture.