IZTECH Department of Industrial Design, established in 1992, offers undergraduate and graduate program and works closely with industry representatives to ensure strong connection between theory and practice. Thus updated curriculum and improved courses meet with the needs of industry and prepare students for their careers, the department is a member of ETAK (Industrial Design Academic Council) and committed to scholarly excellence as well as to value-driven research that addresses critical challenges in the design discipline. Both academics and students in the department have received numerous awards in national and international competitions with their projects.

The department has an intensive accumulation of knowledge and technical support in research, development and applications in the design field. In the department Turkish and foreign faculty members holding a PhD carry out research in such diverse fields as Human Computer Interaction, Usability, User Research, New Product Development, Country-specific customization, Design Theory and Criticism, Cinema-Architecture and Design, Simulation and Decision Support Studies, Mobile Services, OFD Applications and Product Optimization, Design Policy and Curriculum Studies, Quality improvement in industrial design education programs, Affective strategies in design and communication programs, products, practices and processes.

Since the establishment of the department, over 70 graduate students completed their education and successfully graduated. Our graduates have been predominantly employed in R&D departments in the national and international design industry like Vestel, Ford, Karsan, Alfemo, while on the other hand some have start up their own business. Additionally, some of our graduates have been employed as faculty members or researchers in top-notch universities at home and abroad. Currently at Industrial Design Department educational and research activities are carried out as an interdisciplinary master program with the contribution of 6 full-time faculty members, 2 research assistants and 16 students. Many foreign students choose to study at IZTECH within the framework of Erasmus Student Exchange Program. In 2019/2020 academic year, the department will start up undergrad program in Industrial Design in order to meet the demand of innovative design of the industry.

Since 1995, the Department of Industrial Design has pursued both a high technology centered industrial product design education, research and development; The department currently offers a Master degree in Industrial Design. The Master’s program is not merely based on research, but it is also practice-oriented, including subjects such as marketing and science-technology and industry integration. Both the needs of relevant industrial sectors in Turkey and the short and long-term goals of the institute played an important role in the formation of the department” educational philosophy. The Master of Industrial Design program puts special emphasis on the multidisciplinary character of the field. Besides industrial design graduates, it encourages applicant from different backgrounds and disciplines such as engineering, architecture, interior design and so on.