Vision & Mission


Industrial Design Department primarily aims to provide its students with an industrial design education that would closely follow technological advancement in the field. In addition, it thrives to contribute to the development of industrial design both as an academic discipline and as a professional field by conducting high quality research and studies. In this context, it ultimately hopes its graduates will have the ability and knowledge to cultivate a much needed design culture and awareness in the country.


In light of our vision as stated above, our primary missions can be enlisted as follows:

Creating a curriculum that is founded on the developmental trajectory of industrial design both in global and local contexts, which also puts an emphasis on cultural, sociological, technological and economic aspects of the field

Improving the quality of our education with an interdisciplinary perspective so that our students, by particularly being socially responsible, will have the desired theoretical and practical knowledge in order to create a difference in the field

Ensuring our students will follow academic and industrial changes in the field, and occupational ethics, will be productive, competent and questioning individuals

Ensuring our students will, either as academics or as professionals, see the concept of design not merely in service of material consumerist culture, but instead care about issues such as sustainability and social responsibility