Invention Registration Announcement


We are happy to announce the registration of our invention application!

Our utility model application no. 2022/016867 has been registered by the Turkish Patent Institute.
Inventor: Izmir Institute of Technology
Designers: Berkay Darcan, Nilüfer Talu, Canberk Yurt, Ceyda Çolak, Ayça Büyükçınar
Design: Toy
Design Summary: The invention is a toy that allows playing a maze game on multiple planes by assembling two parts perpendicular to each other. There are hidden channels that allow the ball to pass through the labyrinth paths between parts and surfaces. The parts can be used together or separately with single-use apparatus. By separating the two main parts, two toys are obtained and different users can play at the same time. This product is also a registered design number 2022 011746.